What is ClickFraud and how can your business prevent it?

Is your biz a victim of fraud… without even knowing it? 😱

👉 Click fraud is when your pay-per-click (PPC) Ad is being inundated with clicks from bots, or sometimes even people, for the purposes of draining your Ad budget or for financial gain (e.g. if they want to fill in your contact form and then scam you when you get in touch).

So what can you do about it?

💻 You can monitor your metrics thoroughly + investigate any abrupt increases in campaign activity or ad budget. You may then want to re-evaluate your keywords or who you’re targeting.

👀 Be aware of your competitors. Click fraud can give competitors a leg up (even if it’s dishonest), so we recommend keep an eye on whose competing with your keywords on Google.

☁️ Invest in anti-fraud software. If you’ve got the budget, a bot management software can help you prevent click fraud. 

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