This is how we use Digital Marketing to help a therapist get more clients without spending thousands on Ads

This is how to triple your audience, get +44 calls, and another 430 visitors to your website without spending thousands on Ads.


This only works if…

a) You have an offer that people actually want.

b) You have a system set up that makes it easier for people to get in touch + know WHAT they’re getting in touch for.

c) You can talk to people.

🚨 PSA: We can help get you clicks, calls, and enquiries, but we *can’t* make the sale for you. That’s sales, not marketing. 😉

Here’s how we did it for our therapist client ⤵️

1) We created a strategy that analysed what their competitors were doing, investigated their offering + made a list of content that their clients would actually find useful.

2) We started creating those posts. The best performing posts we boosted for £10 – £80 depending on how well they were performing. We tripled their social media audience within 3 months.

3) We leveraged Google My Business. We posted content that was conscious of what people would actually be searching. The posts that performed well, we created similar content.

From August – January, here’s their results (at the time of writing!):


+430 website visitors

+44 phone calls

+240 requests for directions

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