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We’re the Boutique Digital Marketing Agency that stands for honesty, meaning, and creativity. Take a look at how meaningfulmarketing has grown from freelancer to full stack digital marketing agency.

10+ years of experience

90+ clients

4000+ social media posts created

The best in digital all under one Boutique Digital Marketing Agency.

We work with a trusted network of professionals who fall under meaningfulmarketing’s umbrella, but each have the passion and drive to make every client’s business succeed

Our boutique digital marketing agency is headed up by our co-Directors, Grace Scott, whose in charge of making sure every strategy is striving for better, and Sam Baker, whose in charge of making sure every client knows just how appreciative we are.

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Our Beginnings

Since the age of 14 Grace has been avoiding working for someone else in some capacity; from making jewellery to sell at a profit in the playground to launching a buy and sell eBay shop to get her through University, running a business of some kind was inevitable!

It wasn’t until 2017 that the ideas of a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency started brewing, though. During that year, she did a social media work placement at a then Google Top 10 Startup called mush (Tinder for mum’s), and enrolled in an MSc in International Marketing at Birkbeck University (which she graduated from in 2018 with Merit).

Perhaps even more importantly, Grace and Sam swiped right on each other on Tinder and just 10 months later they moved from London to the Lake District, where they still call home today. 

Sam retained his remote job as a GIS Mapping Technician, and Grace began work as a Marketing Manager for five solely owned South Lakeland restaurant, but she noticed two things:

1 – Running a business is what she truly wanted to do.

2- There was a lot of negative stigma surrounding Marketing Agencies charging too much for little in return, dropping off the face of the Earth after the contract had been signed, and trapping business owners into long-term contracts.

Just four months after moving up North, Grace handed in her notice and began freelancing for local businesses.  

Five years later and our boutique digital marketing agency – and our experience – has grown tremendously. Sam quit his job to become a co-director. A trusted network of other professionals was built (they really are the best of the best), and we’re now more driven than ever to ensure the same success for your business.

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